Scholarships Testimonials

Here’s what past scholarship recipients have to say about their summer workshop experiences:


“This workshop connects science content with real-world experiences.  I am a passionate advocate of healthy foods for kids.  I can teach nutrition and healthy cooking to my kids in an organized and systematic way.”

Rita: The Joy of Vegetables


“Hog Island Educators Week was a wonderful experience filled with activities that can be used directly in my classroom and adapted for all ages.  A good amount of teaching materials was given out and are very helpful to be used as a reference.”

Richard: Hog Island


“The staff at NYBG was terrific and really made learning come alive through their passion and expertise.”

Michael: NYBG


“I gained valuable knowledge and a multitude of new techniques and practices that I hope to employ in my classes this fall.”

Mike: Ethnobotany Explorers


“This experience helped me understand how people of different cultures use plants and herbs for several purposes such as healing.”

Cynthia: Ethnobotany Explorers


“All of the activities gave the “wow” experience to everyone participating in them…They are helpful ways to have students learn by doing.”

Richard: Sharing Nature


“Personally I gained a great deal about gardening and professionally I learned many interesting ways to bring information to my students.”

Lynn: Gardening 101


“I will be able to use the data I learned from my outdoor lessons to give my students informative plant field trips.  I will also be able to enrich my lessons with so much more detailed information about plants and trees.”

Franchleen: Using Explorations into Botany


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and she brought in equally knowledgeable outside people in the field of horticulture.  The program was well-organized and combined interesting lectures with hands-on experiences – all of which I will bring back to my classroom.”

Sharon: The Joy of Horticulture


“The class was amazing.  I learned all about how to start a school garden and I plan to speak to my principal about starting one this fall.  I also have started a garden at my house that I am really enjoying.”

Lenora: Gardening 101


“The training will be useful to me because it will help me in the future to support the teachers in my school to motivate and intrigue students in science and math.”

Dahlia: Seedlings Summer Institute


“The class offered hands-on lessons I can use for science.  And since it was at Queens Botanical Gardens, I will be able to incorporate a trip into the unit.”

Tina: QBG


“I learned to look at the whole plant just as I look at the whole child when I teach.  I will use what I learned in this course to add more depth to the plants unit in the science curriculum.  I also got many planning resources that I can use to make science come alive in my class.”

Kiera:  Ethnobotany Explorers


“The training will provide me with the opportunity to improve our wellness curriculum.”

Fatima: The Joy of Vegetables