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The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to enable selected NYC public school teachers to attend summer workshops where they can engage in activity-oriented nature study and explore new ways to enhance their classroom teaching. To this end, committee members:

  • research and select program providers
  • publicize scholarship availability
  • review applications
  • select recipients.

Selections are based on need as well as application quality, with an emphasis on helping poorly performing schools and offering opportunities in all NYC boroughs.  Teachers who cover science in classrooms of public elementary, middle and high schools are eligible to apply. CGC scholarships cover:

  • the costs of tuition
  • “P” in-service credit fees where applicable
  • course materials
  • room and board where required.

Teachers cover their own transportation costs.

In 2016 we gave scholarships to teachers from all boroughs:

  • National Audubon Society Hog Island – Sharing Nature: An Educator’s Week
    The Bronx Guild
    The Peter Rouget School MS#88 (Brooklyn)
  • New York Botanical Garden – Plant, Learn and Grow
    School of Research and Discovery PS#75X (Bronx)
    West Bronx Academy for The Future PS#X243
    The Ella Baker School PS#M225 (Manhattan)
    Wilton School PS#30 (Bronx)
    Sunset Park Prep MS#821 (Brooklyn)
  • New York Botanical Garden – The Art of Science
    Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School PS #414
    The Audobon School PS#128M (Manhattan)
    Benjamin Cardozo High School PS#415 (Queens)
    The Gordon Parks School #PS270 (Queens)
    High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology PS#245 (Brooklyn)
     Van Nest Academy PS#498 (Bronx)
  • The Horticultural Society of New York- – The Joy of Vegetables
    The Carroll School PS#58 (Brooklyn)
    The William C Hughley School PS#116Q (Queens)
    Edward C Blum PS#46 (Brooklyn)
  • The Horticultural Society of New York- Beyond The Lima Bean
    The Christy Cugini School – PS#20 (Staten Island)
    The Christy Cugini School – PS#20 (Staten Island)
  • Queens Botanical Garden – Using Plants to Teach
    Jesse Isodar Strauss School PS#199 (Manhattan)
    Timothy Dwight Elementary School PS#33 (Bronx)
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden – What Did A Plant Ever Do For You?
     Joseph Lamb School PS#206 (Brooklyn)
    PS#27 (Brooklyn)


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